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Enterprise Tracker

Taking advantage of the unique features of the Tablet PC and its “digital ink”, our systems permit the healthcare worker to be truly mobile by means of pen based computing. This is done by allowing all work tasks to be completed without touching a mouse or keyboard. We have redefined the meaning of “user interface”.


1. Tablet PC based: When used in its entirety, all workers within the hospital and enterprise will perform all their tasks using a Tablet PC.
2. Modular design: Our modules provide the flexibility and benefits of incremental implementation.
3. Integration: Integration with your existing “backbone IS” system can reinforce and enhance current IS investment, no requirement for significant additional investment.


1. ER Tracker
2. Inpatient Tracker—includes both physician order writing and physician documentation.
3. Nursing documentation
4. Allied professional documentation
5. MACH Office
6. MACH Urgent Care
7. MACH Medication Reconciliation and Compliance


1. Extreme simplicity: The applications match current workflows enabling virtual overnight deployment without disruption of on-going operations. Ability to reproduce your current forms in our system is a big step in this direction.
2. Enhanced worker and patient satisfaction: Healthcare worker can maximize time at the bedside. Not only will this enhance worker and patient satisfaction, but this concept is an absolute cornerstone of patient safety in our view and eliminates wasteful practices such as “double charting”.
3. Patient Safety: By delivering text drug orders to the pharmacy immediately from the “point of care” our systems deliver what we consider to be the single most important pillar of patient safety.
4. Instant Information: All information about all patients in the system is no more than a pen tap or two away; not only is this of value to the “trench worker” but is obviously a valuable management tool as well.
5. Information Sharing: Harnesses the incredible power of sharing all work and results immediately via the LAN (local area network).
6. Concurrent coding: This is now a reality by unlocking a previous “silo” of information: the daily progress note. This is a valuable tool to optimize appropriate capture of co-morbidities and factors that can contribute to appropriate DRG documentation.
7. “Verbal orders” can be eliminated: This is possible because a digital “order sheet” is always less than 2 seconds and no more than 2 pen taps away.