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End User Licensing Agreement (EULA)

The detailed End User Licensing Agreement are provided here and a copy is also provided in the download files included in this template. Your use of this product indicates your acceptance of the terms of this End User License Agreement.

Should you have any questions prior to purchase, please email or phone us and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Important Image Licensing Information

At ExpressTemplates.ca, we always purchase legally licensed royalty free images for use in our template products. These are provided to you, the End User, with some specific licensing terms, which are listed on the overview page as well as in our End User Licensing Agreement.

ExpressTemplates.ca does not have permission to resell the imagery to it's Clients for use outside of this template; if you require the imagery for any purposes other than the website template, please contact the Licensor to arrange additional licensing rights. All image copyrights remain with the Licensor.

XP Gel Icons

These icons were created by ExpressTemplates.ca and are subject to the same terms and conditions as the other images in this template package. They many not be resold, redistributed, or used anywhere but in this template. They are the copyright of the designer.