If it doesn't make you faster....
we don't do it




In our view, the biggest barrier to bringing wider use of computers to healthcare is the lack of an effective means of data entry (such as order writing and documenting the patient encounter) for physicians. Here are the guiding principles that we adopted and feel we have stuck to: anything that takes doctors, nurses or other healthcare workers away from the bedside of the patient is wrong any HIT product that takes more than a few minutes to learn isn’t good enough and needs to be redesigned doctors need to deliver drug orders in text if it doesn’t make you faster….we don’t do it. If we scrutinize the metrics that some have tried to use to judge “multifunctional (including such things as CPOE and Clinical Decision Support) systems” such as: time to care, medication turnaround time, elimination of medication transcription errors, results reporting time, radiology completion time, and results reporting time, we feel we can be competitive if not superior on all these measures at a fraction of the cost.