If it doesn't make you faster....
we don't do it



We are a Tablet PC based,
      healthcare end user focused,
            technology company


Make computer use easier in the "trenches" of healthcare delivery.


A generally pervasive theme in the HIT literature is “physicians must change their workflow to advance into the computer age along with the rest of the world.” We have just the opposite feeling and think that computers should be designed to support and assist physicians in performance of their work tasks in the best and most efficient fashion.

In our view, the biggest barrier to bringing wider use of computers to healthcare is the lack of an effective means of data entry (such as physician order writing and documenting the patient encounter). This is the barrier we are attacking.

Our Solution

By taking advantage of the unique features of the Tablet PC and its “digital ink”, our products permit the healthcare worker to be truly mobile by means of pen based computing. This is done by allowing all work tasks to be completed without touching a mouse or keyboard. We feel we have redefined the meaning of “user interface”.

Guiding Principles

Anything that takes the doctors or nurses away from the patient's bedside is wrong.

Any healthcare information technology product that takes more than a few minutes to learn isn't good enough and needs to be redesigned.

Doctors need to deliver drug orders in text.

If it doesn't make you faster, we don't do it.